Accounts Payable Automation-Purchase to Pay Solutions

How do documents become decisions within the Purchase to Pay function?

Contact DataServDataServ does more than implement technology to improve your purchase to pay process. DataServ’s accounts payable software simplifies and improves your business process and tailors our solution to work the way you want it to, without the high cost of customization.

Our experience helping with AP automation processes for our clients in Finance and Administration provides a unique perspective and best practices for your accounts payable workflow automation and document management objectives.

We can build the best AP workflow automation process - one that is right for you today, and scales with your needs.


We take all of your incoming documents, regardless of format, and convert them to easy-to-manage digital files. From there on, your purchase to pay process is a breeze.


Here’s how our Purchase to Pay accounts payable automation works:


1. Invoice receipt – Our Digital Mailroom takes any documents - invoices, statements, tax assessments, utility bills… in any formats – faxes, EDI, regular mail, email attachments and accurately scans them and converts them to data that you can quickly and easily route for approval. With invoice automation, we scan and process millions of documents per month for our clients, saving them significant time and cost. We can do the same for you.


2. Accounts payable scanning, data capture, and quality assurance Our scanning options include the use of our proprietary Invoice Processing MachineTM, the world’s first SaaS Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Our scanning and data capture will greatly improve your invoice processing by taking all the guesswork (and hard work) out of OCR. Our process guarantees 99+% clean usable data. So your team does not spend hours cleaning up exceptions and needlessly entering data. We’re so confident in our approach that we’ll price our service to you based on the fully optimized performance – all the learning costs are on us. So you can be sure we’ll deliver you the best, most accurate and cost efficient results. And our intelligent approach to OCR is designed to improve over time with the software “learning” and remembering the unique differences of your various vendors' invoice formats.


3. Indexing, validation and matching If more than 50 percent of your invoices are generated through a purchase order (PO), we can save you even more money through our AutoVouchTM. The AutoVouch purchase order process compares invoice data, PO information and receiving data to complete a thorough quality check based on your requirements and tailored for the items and variances that are acceptable to you. Invoices that meet those requirements are passed immediately through to your ERP for payment. No human touch is necessary. FACT: Some DataServ clients are processing more than 80% of their invoices this way, saving time, money and aggravation.


4. Workflow coding and approvals at your fingertips  Access DataServ’s easy-to-use web-based workflow from your desk top, tablet, or mobile device. This is accounts payable workflow automation at its best. You’ll receive email notifications of documents requiring your attention. We will work with you during our initialization\start up to tailor the routing and approval process to your preferences. Our comprehensive reporting provides on-demand access to the reports, document images and performance statistics to successfully manage your Purchase to Pay process.


5. Reporting – Our clients enjoy access to hundreds of pre-defined reports. If that isn’t enough, our saved search and query features provide complete access to the information you need, when you need it.

a. Our saved search feature let’s you customize your searches and report formats any way you wish. These reports are instantly available to you or can be shared across your organization.  Save them and they will be automatically updated and available the next time you login.

b. Our query feature provides information on all documents in process. You can instantly format and download the information as needed.


Additionally, our reporting includes a number of pre-defined reports that can help you:

a. Better manage and report on workflow

      i. Production scheduling for accounts payable staff
       ii. Automatically routing invoices for review and approval

                             1. Exception reporting

       iii. Performance statistics


b. Improve month and year-end financial reporting

i. Number and dollar volume of invoices in process (greatly simplifies month-end reporting and accruals)


c. Simplify and improve audit responsiveness and compliance

i. Need access to certain vendor invoices for corporate audits, sales tax audits, tax billings? With our easy to use Query tool you can quickly search, find and provide images to satisfy even the most complicated audit requests.


d. On-demand reports – exported to Excel for whatever you need


e. And more…


6. Document retention and destruction  Our services include complete document retention and destruction, based upon your rules and requirements.

Our accounts payable automation solution harnesses the best accounts payable software to give you the power of DataServ’s Document-centricTM workflow and SaaS technologies. You’ll enjoy an AP automation solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


When it comes to your accounts payable automation solutions, you can rely on DataServ. We make it simple and we make it work.

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