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How do documents become decisions within Quote to Cash processes?


Contact DataServDataServ does more than sell you technology to improve your quote to cash process. DataServ SaaS delivers a complete solution to work with your business processes – Tailored without the high cost of customization. Fully integrated DataServ services can maximize your productivity and streamline your quote to cash process. Guaranteed.


In today’s complex AR environment, documents originate from many sources in many forms. For example, a customer sends you a purchase order, a pick ticket is generated, a bill of lading is issued for delivery, an invoice is created, a payment is received, and the payment is posted to your financial system. Throughout the process there are many exceptions and customer service issues that surface such as: providing proof of delivery, processing returns and refunds, adjusting or writing off uncollectable invoices. At any stage of the cycle, many employees may need to access any of the related documents.


ERP access is not enough. In order to effectively communicate with your most valuable asset, your customers – you both need to be looking at the same documents - not some ERP data screen with only part of the information or a carrier website searching for a specific POD.   


DataServ helps companies of all sizes automate and dramatically improve their quote to cash processes. You can choose from a complete solution or select individual services tailored for your specific needs. Our solution includes:

  • Automated Order Processing – Our Automated Order Processing solution eliminates tedious manual order entry by taking any order, in any form and converting it into electronic data. Using our SaaS Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, which includes data validation, and our Digital Mailroom, we can eliminate much of the manual, labor intensive effort. We handle all incoming orders and quickly transform them into clean data for your ERP.
  • Customer Invoice Delivery Automation – Our Invoice Delivery Automation customizes your invoice stream (whether mail, email, EDI, fax…) specifically for each of your individual customers, providing the best payment alternative for you both. Converting more customers to electronic delivery over time as they are ready, lowers your cost per invoice and more importantly gets your invoices delivered several days faster. This provides your customers more time to process the invoices before they are due. We can also connect this information with your customer portal (or tailor ours for you). Making this information available through a customer portal frees your staff from routine questions and provides more “self service” options for your customers, salespeople, and/or distributors.
  • Reconciliation & Collections – Successful collection activity hinges on having complete documentation immediately available to your team when they are on the phone with customers. Our Proof of Delivery (POD) Integration solution is the answer. We have established integration links with all major carriers to identify and download the signed shipping documents (and associated delivery data) that can be easily accessed from your ERP or collections software. We will work with you to produce a packet that includes all the documents in one PDF that can be instantly shared with your customers. One DataServ client realized a 90% reduction in their reconciliation and deduction balance with this approach.
  • Remittance Processing – When customer remittances do not match invoices, it’s often a result of customer returns or discounts inappropriately taken. With our Return Process Automation we greatly reduce the amount of time and effort your team spends trying to track down documents and information, and provide them with instant access to the necessary documentation to resolve discrepancies quickly. Additionally, our Write Off/Deduction Approval workflow automates and documents the write off approval process (a best practice and Sarbanes-Oxley requirement for public companies) while providing several automatic processing functions (Packet Completion, OCR capture). Plus, we can automate your internal processes to ensure appropriate procedures are followed and approvals are being obtained – all while maintaining a well-documented audit track.
  • Cash Application - We can capture from your remittance data all available line item detail. DataServ can work with your bank to receive images and/or data after the cash is deposited into your accounts to fully automate the capture of invoice and payment details, match it, and send clean data to your ERP. No need to pay the bank for unnecessary rekeying or data entry. If your banks do not currently provide this service, you can have all your information, in whatever form, sent to us. Our optimized SaaS OCR is applied to all documents in order to provide highly accurate but low cost data capture. All OCR results are validated by our skilled staff to ensure excellent quality. We match these clean results with original invoice and customer PO data from your system to further refine the accuracy. Exceptions are identified within minutes of processing and fed to the appropriate expert in your organization to reconcile the discrepancy via DataServ workflow. All documents are also maintained for future review and audits. You have complete visibility into all transactions at any point in the process.
  • Archival Retention – Maintaining and having access to documents has never been more important. While there are vendors that can support your storage, retention and destruction policies, they have little to no support for your on-demand access of documents for internal or external audits and customer service requests. DataServ provides a complete solution. We not only manage your record retention needs, but ensure you instant access to your electronic documents, right from the convenience of your ERP, PC or mobile device.
  • Reporting - All DataServ solutions include comprehensive reporting. Our clients have instant access to a number of pre-defined reports. Plus, our saved search and query features provide complete access to the information you need, when you need it.
    • Customize your searches and report formats any way you wish with our saved search feature. These reports are instantly available to you and can be shared across your organization. Save them and they will be automatically updated and available the next time you login.
    • Get information on all documents in process and instantly format and download the information as you need it with our Query tool.

Additionally, our reporting includes a number of pre-defined reports that can help you:

  • Better manage and report on workflow
  • Improve month and year-end financial reporting
  • Simplify and improve audit responsiveness and compliance. Need access to certain documents for corporate audits, sales tax audits, or tax billings? With our easy to use query tool you can quickly search, find and provide images to satisfy even the most complicated audit requests.
  • Create on-demand reports – exported to Excel for whatever you need
  • And more…


Our accounts receivable Quote to Cash automation solution harnesses the power of DataServ’s Document-centricTM workflow and SaaS technologies. You’ll enjoy an AR automation solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

When it comes to your accounts receivable automation solutions, you can rely on DataServ. We make it simple and we make it work.


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