SaaS Advantage & Benefits

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Technically defined as a single instance of software running in the provider’s data center but serving many users via the internet. But it's really more than that. In today's hyper-competitive global economic climate, speed and agility are crucial. The most important advantage SaaS delivers is agility - the ability to deploy rapidly with better results. If you choose the right SaaS partner you can also gain best practices, change management assistance and a smooth initialization.

It's More Than a Product

While the architecture is an attractive benefit of SaaS - it does not guarantee results. Software is always about the benefits it delivers. Unfortunately, many SaaS providers have not focused on delivering the benefits of SaaS but merely software products. Without the expertise to make the product work, SaaS project results can be as elusive as traditional software has always been.

Why This is Important to You

As the SaaS movement grows, it continues to encompass more and more software applications, many which have typically been bought as traditional, installed, software.

A recent IDC study reflects how quickly the market has moved from software delivered on a compact disc. For instance, IDC estimates that by 2012, about 85% of new software to the market will be delivered as SaaS. They also provided a 2011–2015 forecast for worldwide growth of SaaS initializations of 27%, up from 18% growth in 2009.

Benefits to Your Company


  • SaaS is rapidly deployed - delivering rapid ROI
  • SaaS is scalable - up or down with changes in your business
  • Highly configurable to your unique business processes
  • Upgrades are included - and much simpler
  • DataServ employs a concurrent user license model - allowing you to leverage the licenses across many users and save you money!
  • Often considered an expense budget item – not capital

SaaS delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your business. Since DataServ has been providing SaaS document and process automation solutions for over 20 years, we have the experience and stability to make your SaaS project a success.

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