Hire to Retire Automation & Human Resources Software

Many organizations have invested heavily in human resources automation hoping to automate and simplify their efforts in:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Benefits administration
  • Learning and development
  • Outplacement

In many cases, the results of their automation investment have not lived up to the promise. Instead of solving their problems, they find these solutions have led to a whole series of issues, including:

  • Working in multiple systems to get your job done
  • Entering the same data in multiple systems
  • Endlessly shuffling and shipping paper documents around the organization
  • Constrained by HRIS functionality or forced into processes that don’t make sense for your employee population

What to do? Let DataServ provide a genuine, authentic solution that bridges the gaps found in many Human Resource departments today. DataServ can simplify your human resources administration by:

  • Converting paper files to electronic data and images that minimize the headaches for you and your people, while improving service and simplifying day-to-day activities.
  • Automating your workflow — completing forms, scheduling follow ups, escalating, and reporting on progress are all possible using our web forms tailored to your business through our easy-to-use SaaS workflow. All you need is Internet access and any desktop, tablet, or mobile device and you’re set.
  • Providing instant access to the document images and information you need, when you need it. We can link your data and document images to any HRIS software application, for easy, on-demand access whenever you or your employees need it.

Our solution includes:

Digital Mailroom services that convert any document into digital data for your Human Resources Information System (HRIS). The documents are available at any time to authorized individuals through our Virtual Personnel File.

Workflow automation ensures error-free processing and access to the documents you need, when you need them. We take your business process and approval matrix, apply some best practices, and tailor a workflow solution that saves you time and effort, eliminates lost documents and lowers risks — and frustrations.

HRIS Integration — Ease of use is a key ingredient of our highly effective, distributed-access document management system. DataServ’s HRIS Integration capability provides you one-click linking to documents from inside your existing system. Click on an embedded link to immediately launch the document you want in a separate browser window. In situations where you need more than one document, you will see a list of all requested documents. Since authentication is performed by your system, there is no separate login required.

Packet completion quality control establishes a “virtual checklist” that rides along with your document images and files. This process supports new hire, termination, employee evaluations, I-9’s, benefit enrollment — whatever your business requires. The technology will continue to seek and report on required actions, the responsible party, and help ensure timely compliance.

Document cross-linking connects disparate documents collected throughout the hire to retire process and makes them easily and instantly available.

Secure access from anywhere in the world, even with a mobile devices. Our Enterprise portal provides search and retrieval capabilities to any employer that needs quick, easy access to evaluations, training, or any other type of document. For employees, the portal can provide secure access to select portions of their file, such as tax or benefit election forms. We can secure access based upon job position or role, type of document, location — you name it.

Comprehensive reporting — you’ll have access to hundreds of pre-defined reports, and a query capability that provides insight and reporting as needed. You can receive reports necessary for effective workflow management, audit compliance and more. At your command your reports will be exported to Excel for ease of manipulation and use.

Record retention, audit and regulatory requirements can be built directly into our solution. We can even relieve you of the paper — we can handle all document storage and destruction for you.

Our experience helping clients in HR provides a useful perspective and best practices for your human resources automation and document management requirements. We can build the best human resources workflow automation process — one that is right for you today and scales with your needs.

Get the case study showing how a global manufacturer applied these capabilities to improve retiree benefits administration. The client simplified their process, reduced errors, and the resources needed to manage this process.

Count on DataServ to provide you with a complete SaaS solution that manages all of your documents in one place while giving your HR team secure, global access. Our human resources automation solution harnesses the best ECM and workflow, along with your human resources software, to give you the power to take control of your human resources documents today. All without capital expense or IT resources.

When it comes to your human resources automation solution, you can rely on DataServ. We make it simple. We make it work.SM