Purchase Order & Requisition Software Automation

Looking for 100% touchless invoice processing?

Use our Purchase Order & Requisition (PO Req) software solution to increase your use of POs and our AutoVouchTM solution to eliminate subsequent invoice reviews and approvals.

Our purchase order automation solution is SaaS workflow at its finest: it is very simple to use, requires no ERP licenses, and is accessible from mobile devices using a browser. We build the workflow based on your business rules and make it easy for your users while ensuring compliance with your purchase order and vendor policies.

Purchase Order Requisition software automation provides you with a simple, common-sense user interface to efficiently request, route, approve, audit, and process either requisitions or purchase orders. PO Req provides:

  • Ease of use Employees submit purchase request information via the Internet
  • Cost savings You save money with no expensive ERP licenses or paper routing to the purchasing department for data entry.
  • Improved control The web form only presents requestors with their approved cost centers and accounts, giving Finance greater control while actually making it easier for the user
  • Visibility You’ll have a better view of the entire approval process and enhanced spend controls.

PO Req is a smart approach for meeting your purchase order software needs. It will save you money and makes the process (and the change) easy for you and your employees.

Click here for a solution sheet detailing the benefits of DataServ’s PO Req solution.


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