Quote to Cash Software as a Service

Accounts receivable Software as a Service that reduces the headaches, the paper, and days sales outstanding

At just a fraction of the cost of customizing your ERP or other third-party software, DataServ leverages the cloud to improve your productivity and streamline your Quote to Cash process. Guaranteed.

DataServ simplifies today's complex AR environment! For example, a customer sends you a purchase order, a pick ticket is generated, a bill of lading is issued for delivery, an invoice is created, a payment is received, and the payment is posted to your financial system. Throughout the process, lots of paper can be created and there can be many exceptions and customer service issues that surface. Many of these issues can be quickly resolved by providing instant access to the documents and information generated throughout the process. ERP access is not enough, as several documents and data reside outside your ERP.

DataServ provides your organization with instant access to the documents and data necessary to answer questions and resolve customer disputes, regardless of where the paper resides or who generated it.

You can choose from a complete solution or select individual services tailored for your specific needs.

Our solution includes:

Automated Order Processing — DataServ eliminates tedious manual order entry by taking any order, in any form, and converting it into electronic data. We handle all incoming orders and quickly transform them into clean data for your ERP.

Customer Invoice Delivery Automation — DataServ handles your entire invoice stream (whether via mail, email, EDI, fax or any other format) and customizes invoice delivery specifically for each of your individual customers. We can also connect this information with your customer portal (or tailor ours for you). Making this information available through a customer portal frees your staff from routine questions and provides more “self-service” options for your customers, salespeople, and/or distributors.

Collections & Reconciliation — Successful collection activity hinges on having complete documentation immediately available to your team when they are on the phone working to resolve issues and discrepancies with customers. Many times these discrepancies can only be resolved by your providing Proof of Delivery (POD) documentation. Our Proof of Delivery (POD) Integration solution is the answer. DataServ has established integration links with all major carriers to identify and download the signed shipping documents (and associated delivery data) that can be easily accessed from your ERP or collections software. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment realized a 90% reduction in their reconciliation and deduction balance using this solution.

Remittance Processing Workflow — When customer remittances do not match invoices, it is often a result of customer returns or discounts inappropriately taken. 

  • With our Return Process Automation we provide your team instant access to the documents and data necessary to resolve discrepancies quickly.
  • Our Write-Off/Deduction Approval workflow automates and documents the write-off approval process (a best practice and Sarbanes-Oxley requirement for public companies) while providing several automatic processing functions (Packet Completion, OCR capture).

Cash Application — Stop paying excessive bank fees for re-keying remittance data. DataServ can work with your bank to receive images and/or data after the cash is deposited into your account to fully automate the review of invoice and payment details, match it, and send clean data to your ERP.

Change management assistance — Often times the most difficult part of a new technology launch is getting people to use and embrace the new way of doing business. DataServ helps clients address this issue by making available a number of tools and communications we have found helpful in these situations. One such tool, our Rapid Adoption KitTM, includes communication templates and strategies you can use as part of your rollout plan. All of these materials are included at no extra cost to you.

Tailored initial and ongoing user and management training — Another way in which we help assure a successful automation project is through our tailored training. Many suppliers simply provide a few YouTube videos and a standard PowerPoint deck and leave it to you to make it work. DataServ is different. We work with you to not only develop the training materials, but we will also assist in delivering the training. This support reduces the amount of effort you and your staff need to devote to training while improving the results of your efforts.

Comprehensive user support — We provide BOTH first- AND second-tier user support. Implementing automation should result in your staff having less work to do, not more. Many vendors push first-level user support onto you. At DataServ, we handle it all so you can enjoy the benefits of increased automation, not take calls from users.

Ongoing upgrades and new releases — Our SaaS platform includes regular upgrades to our functionality. These upgrades are made available to clients at no additional cost. This virtually eliminates technical obsolescence and simplifies your life as you no longer have to fight for resources just so you can install an upgrade of software to keep your business process fresh and your performance high.

Archival Retention — Maintaining and having access to documents has never been more important. While there are vendors that can support your storage, retention and destruction policies, they have little to no support for your on-demand access of documents for internal or external audits and customer service requests. DataServ provides a complete solution. We not only manage your record retention needs, we also ensure you instant access to your electronic documents, right from the convenience of your ERP, PC or mobile device.

Reporting — All DataServ solutions include comprehensive reporting. Our clients have instant access to a number of pre-defined reports. Plus, our saved search and query features provide complete access to the information you need, when you need it. We will integrate all document images and data with your ERP, making access quick and easy.

Our accounts receivable management automation solution harnesses the power of DataServ’s Document-centric™ workflow and SaaS technology. You’ll enjoy an accounts receivable solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

When it comes to your accounts receivable management automation solutions, you can rely on DataServ. We make it simple. We make it work.SM