FinTech Software as a Service

True Software as a Service (SaaS) provides a much more robust, easy-to-leverage capability. Because it runs in the cloud, it is easily scalable to changes in your business. Don't be fooled by "fake SaaS" solutions that are nothing more than traditional (on-premises) software hosted in someone else's data center. There are several unique characteristics of SaaS solutions that you should take into account as you compare SaaS vendors to software or hosted solutions. True SaaS delivers:

  • More cost-effective solutions through less investment in hardware, facilities, and associated personnel costs.
  • A better automation solution including built-in best practices for workflow and automation, providing you with a faster startup and better, more timely value to your users.
  • Less work for your staff  SaaS solutions can include both first and second-tier support, as well as assitance with training and change management, greatly reducing demands on your technical and accounting/finance staff.
  • Greater return from your IT resources Leveraging SaaS solutions for business functions allows your internal IT resources to focus on the highest value activities.
  • Agility The most important advantage SaaS delivers is agility  the ability to deploy rapidly with better results.

DataServ has been providing SaaS document and process automation solutions since 1994. We have the experience, stability, and scalability to make your automation project a success.